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Girault, Eric (Haitian, b.1937)

Eric Girault is one of the best impressionists Artists in Haiti. In 1969,he was named "The Vibration of Life"by the notorious writer Roger Gaillard.
His works depict the social issue of the humbleness, the poor and the oppressed. He showed the every day life and the suffering of his people.
At a very young age, he was playing with paint, charcoal, crayon and water color. He has a profesional carrier of  about  55 years.  Now that he is legally blind, he still continues to paint with a foggy vision. He always said that:" Painting for him is a poem in color. He doesn't follow school , he doesn't follow style, he follows his heart". His works has been collected by many private and public collectors such as Aristote Onassis, Giscard d"Estaing, former president of France and Reynold Mines. Scroll Down To Browse His Art!