Christian J. Sajous (Haitian, b.1952)

J. Christian Sajous, a native of Haiti was born in Miragoane to the union of Andre Sajous and Ninette Faublas in July 1952. He studied art under the guidance of Master Expressionist Petion Savain. His family moved and eventually settled in New York, after shorter stays in the Virgin Islands. In New York Sajous joined the Hippie movement and spent several years in the underground, as a conscientious objector to U.S. involvement in the Viet-Nam conflict. Shortly before the end of the war the news came from Haiti of Savain’s untimely death. Sajous re-emerged to complete his College studies and later, like Savain before him opted to study Law; he established a Criminal Law Practice in Newark New Jersey, but began to paint seriously again as a cure for insomnia while attending classes and workshops at Newark’s School of Fine Arts. His paintings were quickly recognized and acquired by Haitian art collectors. In 1997 he stepped away from Law and painted more seriously, staying closer to the principles espoused by Savain with respect to color and form. Since, he has won many competitions and his paintings now hang in private collections and Museums. Now, he lives and paints in Atlanta Ga.