Consulting Services

I am an independent art consultant who personalizes my services based on a client’s individual needs. It might include:

  • Collaborating with interior designers to ensure the buyer's vision of their space is realized with the usage of art.
  • If a buyer's motivation for collecting art is partly investment strategy, I provide historical sale figures and estimated expectations based on an artist's career momentum.
  • If a buyer is new to collecting I spend extra time with them to educate about how to look at art and the cultural influences or trends found in Haitian art.
  • A consultation might include visits to the buyer's home or business to review how artworks are used in a space and advising on lighting, care and placement.

My personalized consultations are about working more in-depth with my clients on their specific needs and tailored to their place in the buying cycle. I am looking forward to enriching your Haitian art buying experience!