Jean-Elie Brisson (Haitian, dcd 2023) 40"x30" The General 1981 Acrylic on Canvas #9-3-96GSN-Fondation Marie & Georges S. Nader

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The late Haitian Jean-Elie Brisson signed this stunning original 40"x 30" vintage oil on canvas, representing a historical scene of a Haitian general in his green uniform. It is from the Marie & Georges S. Nader Foundation collection. Upon purchase, our gallery will provide a certificate of authenticity.

About this artist

Jean-Elie Brisson was a talented Haitian-born painter who painted very detailed market scenes. Brisson's artistic career was short, and the artist passed away in August 2023 in Canada, making his art more valuable and scarce. Scroll down to browse Jean-Elie Brisson's art!

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