Georges Laratte Standing Wood Carving Sculpture of a Mother and Child 40"x5"x6" #1JN-HA

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Add to your collection this beautiful vintage standing wood sculpture of a mother and child signed by one of Haiti's most famous sculptors, Georges Laratte. It is Sold As-Is.

About this artist

Famous Haitian artist Georges Laratte has studied ceramics and sculptures. In 1960 Laratte turned to wood sculpture. In 1965 he devoted himself exclusively to sculpture after trying painting. In 1971, he had exhibitions held at the Suzuki Gallery and Metropolitan Museum in New York. In 1973, Laratte became the first Haitian artist to sculpt faces in black stones such as marble, quartz, and shell stone. He exhibited in Guadeloupe, the United States, Martinique, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. His two sons Hernot Versain and Frantz Laratte also became well-known artists.

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