Emilcar Similien (SIMIL) 20"x20" Epreuve d'Artiste I | Artist's Proof On Paper Matted & Protected Under a Plexiglass #1MFN

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This is a beautiful  20"x20" signed and titled "Epreuve Artist I"/ artist proof on paper nicely matter and securely under plexiglass by the famous Haitian painter Emilcar Simil, known as SIMIL.

"An artist's proof is an impression of a print taken in the printmaking process to see the current printing state of a plate while the plate (or stone, or woodblock) is being worked on by the artist. A proof may show a clearly incomplete image, often called a working proof or trial impression, but in modern practice is usually used to describe an impression of the finished work that is identical to the numbered copies.[1] There can also be printer's proofs which are taken for the printer to see how the image is printing or are final impressions the printer is allowed to keep, but normally the term "artist's proof" would cover both cases.

Artist's proofs are not included in the count of a limited edition, and sometimes the number of artist's proofs, which belong to the artist, can be twenty or more. By convention, the artist is not supposed to sell these at once. However, some artists use it as a method of re-issuing an edition that has sold out, marking such editions for example 'Artist's Proof no.8 of 50'" (Wikipedia)

About this artist

Simil was born in 1944 in St. Marc, Haiti. From 1965 to 1971 he studied painting, sculpture, and art history at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in Port-au-Prince. Simil uses his images of women only as means for displaying patterns, color, and the sparkle of gold jewelry on black skin. He paints with acrylics on Masonite of any size. His surfaces are smooth and polished. Simil delights in beauty, elegance, and grace. "Well trained by masters who taught him to excel in his form, Similien's works also contain discrete messages" (Peintres Haitiens by Gerald Alexis).Get the Book Now! He has been exhibiting since 1969 namely in Haiti, the USA, Denmark. Simil is considered a leading contemporary Haitian artist.

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