Hervé Lebreton 24"x20" Lady/Shell 1996 Acrylic on Canvas Framed #2FC

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Hervé Lebreton 24"x20" Lady/Shell 1996 Acrylic on Canvas Framed #2FC

About this artist

Renowned artist Herve Lebreton was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on 27 March 1941. At the age of nine, he did his studies in fine arts and painting in particular. He continued his training at the School of Arts of Port-au-Prince and the ABC school in Paris, and the Bellas Artes in Santiago, Chile. The paintings he shapes his individuality, and the singular of a language readily testify to the ultimate fulfillment. His style is defined as Neo or para-surrealist with a reigning idyllic quality. His works are often presented in solo and sometimes in group exhibitions. Lebreton's work appears in several major collections, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, the Museum of Fine Arts in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal the National Museum of the Pantheon in Haiti. It is also present in many private collections in Europe, the United States, Central, and South America. "Lebreton creates dream-like images with undeniable virtuosity," says art critic and author Gerald Alexis in his book Peintres Haitiens. Get the book here!

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