Dieudonne Cedor (1925-2010) 16"x20" Scene de Rue/ Rural Scene Framed Oil on Canvas #1FC

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What a beautiful and serene original painting of a rural scene duly signed by the late Haitian master, Dieudonne Cedor!

About this artist

Dieudonné Cédor was born in L' Anse a Veau on March 8th, 1925, and passed away on September 27, 2010. He joined the Art Center in December 1947. At the "Centre d' Art", he worked under the supervision of Rigaud Benoit who taught him the elementary principals of pictorial art. Dewit Peters, the founder of Centre d'Art, made him chief of the studio. In 1949, Cédor is chosen as a member of the committee of administration of the "Centre". Merged in a conflict that opposed the artists and the management of the "Centre", he was elected president of the Haitian Artist Association. Later on, became a member/founder of the "Foyer des Arts Plastiques" (F.D.A.P), and became its director from 1952 to 1956. Cédor participated with Luckner Lazard and Roland Dorcely, at the foundation of the "Galerie Brochette" in 1956, where he stayed until 1962. In 1957, he was named director of the Museum of Beaux-Arts of Port-Au-Prince. Dieudonné Cédor was considered one of the leading contemporary painters. His name can be found in all the major art books namely “Peintres Haitiens” where the author, Gerald Alexis states that “Cédor can handle any subject expressing joy or sorrow, the splendors, and anxieties of life”. Get the book Peintres Haitiens here!

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