Fred Thomas 60"x40" Korn Lanbi (Conch) 2018 Mixed Media on Canvas Painting #12CFT

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Fred Thomas's description of the painting: "The Conch Shell, Korn lanai, depicts the beauty, historical significance, and supposed aphrodisiac values of the shell. It is a musical instrument used in the past by the revolted slaves, nèg mawon, for long-distance communication. Conch, Lanbi, is also valued as seafood.
Furthermore, I use laces as collages to suggest the mollusk's purported aphrodisiac properties. Combining all those shapes, pastel colors, and textures was a real tour de force for me. I managed to bring it to fruition, and here it is.

La coquille de conque, Kòn lanbi, illustre à la fois la beauté, la signification historique de la coquille et ses supposées valeurs aphrodisiaques. C'est un instrument de musique utilisé autrefois par les esclaves révoltés (nèg mawon) pour faciliter la communication à distance. La conque, Lanbi, est également appréciée en art culinaire comme fruit de mer. En outre, j'utilise de la dentelle comme collage pour suggérer les prétendues propriétés aphrodisiaques du mollusque. J'ai réussi à mener celui-ci à bien et en voici le résultat"

About this artist

Fred Thomas was born in Fort-Liberté, Haiti, and grew up in Cap-Haitien. He started to draw at an early age, reproducing sketches created by his father. Soon, Fred began to polish these drawings and develop his own, denoting his precocious creativity and draftsmanship. In sixth grade, he was already a freelance commercial artist designing seasonal greeting cards, promotional posters, and banners. For many years after that, throughout middle and high school (at College Notre Dame), he was elected the director of the school periodical publication "Regard and Dialogue," which Fred tremendously impacted with his editorials and original illustrations. Upon moving to Port-au-Prince after high school, Fred took private drawing, painting, and ceramics lessons at Le Centre d'Art ( The Art Center) and Le Centre the Ceramic (The Ceramic Center). Fred was mainly interested in papier mâche, to make masks betraying an apparent African influence. He continued to pursue his strong interest in the visual arts when he moved abroad, first to Canada, then to the United States, and later to Germany while serving in the American army. His peregrination allowed him to visit numerous prestigious art galleries and museums. Upon residing in Miami, Fred enrolled in the Art Education Program at Miami Dade College. Since then, Fred's artistic career began. He has participated in countless art exhibitions throughout the United States, and his works belong to numerous prestigious collections worldwide. In an interview with the Miami Herald on November 11, 1990, Fred admitted wanting his artwork to reflect his Haitian background and experiences abroad. Subsequently, Fred's subjects, style, and technique vary from abstraction to surrealism and color field works where collage and heavy impasto-type texture have become his trademark. Fred’s studies have culminated with a BA in Religion and Philosophy and a master’s degree in psychology (School Guidance Counseling). Nevertheless, art has remained the passion of his life. Since 2009, he has devoted himself entirely to promoting his artistic career and has become a prolific artist and noted art curator. Fred lives in Miami, and when he is not painting, working on craft projects, or curating art exhibitions, he enjoys spending time with his family or writing poetry, short stories, and art criticism. Lately, Fred has created minimalist paintings using knotted ropes and recycled items, which, he says, give his creations a human and universal dimension by emphasizing the telluric effects. His art, he argues, is about the human experience on earth, epitomized by our daily struggle to survive, to affirm our identity, and also about our existentialist anguish, estrangement, loneliness, and despair, along with our hopes, dreams, and thirst for happiness. Fred co-wrote a seminal art book with Christian Nicolas (Kristo), "There and Beyond: The Works of Sixteen Haitian Artists Living in Florida. Fred was the illustrator of the Silver ADDY award-winning (2009) promotional billboard posters for Haiti’s wireless communications provider “Voila.” The design was created by the team of the well-known Seattle-based Advertisement Agency, Garrigan Lyman. 

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