Nicolas Dreux (1956-2021) 24"x32" Marine Scene with Five Boats Acrylic on Canvas Painting #8JN-HA

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What a beautiful 24"x 32" marine scene with five boats and a distant village scene by the late famous Haitian master Nicolas Dreux with a razor blade to add to your decor!

About this artist


On March 10, 1956, Nicolas Dreux was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and died in 2021. He began to paint as a student of both Calixte Henri in 1973 and Raymond Olivier. He works with a razor blade, laying on the paint thick in spots and scraping it to transparency elsewhere. After this, he accents some artwork elements with the corner of the blade. 

Dreux was traumatized during Aristide's violent governance and experimented with some difficulties of the mental type that slowed down his creation. He had recently started painting and was doing beautiful art before passing.  

Many fine art galleries showcase his unique art, and his name appeared in many art books.