All About the Myriam Nader Art Gallery in New York

All About the Myriam Nader Art Gallery in New York

The Myriam Nader Art Gallery, NY showcases a variety of Haitian art. Myriam Nader, the owner and founder of the art gallery, is widely recognized as an expert in Haitian art. The artwork that is offered reveals the vibrant culture and lives of the Haitian people. Read on to learn more about the Myriam Nader Art Gallery.

Meet Gallery Owner Myriam Nader

Myriam Nader is the owner and founder of the Myriam Nader Art Gallery. Having been raised around Haitian art as the daughter of a famous Haitian art dealer, Myriam Nader’s interest in the family business grew over time. As an art dealer, consultant and fine art appraiser, Myriam Nader’s fascination with Haitian art has inspired her to show others the beauty of the art as well. She is truly passionate about her gallery and is open to any questions you may have as an art collector or buyer.


The Gallery’s Mission

Having sold and promoted Haitian art for over 30 years, our mission at Myriam Nader Art Gallery is to show people the vibrance and culture of Haiti through their expressive artwork. We want to provide all of our buyers with expert fine art appraisals for their artwork, personalized consulting services, and a smooth buying experience. We assure our collectors of authenticity with a certificate of authenticity (C.O.A.) for each unique art piece. The team at Myriam Nader Art Gallery strives to provide exceptional service to all of our buyers and collectors so that you want to keep coming back.


Art That Spans Genres

From abstract art and historical scenes, to rural and still life scenes, the Myriam Nader Art Gallery offers an impressive collection of unique Haitian art pieces completed by several renowned artists. You will be amazed with the vast amount of genres that are offered. You can spend hours sorting through all of the Haitian art that is for sale in each genre and eventually find one to your liking. Get in touch with the team at Myriam Nader Art Gallery to learn more about each genre.


Appraisal, Buying, and Consulting Services

Appraisals: If you are looking to sell or assess your Haitian art’s net worth, Myriam Nader is your trusted fine art appraiser. You will receive a thorough and detailed report for your artwork that complies with the Principles of Appraisal Practice, the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the Online Association of Appraisers (OAA). Myriam Nader is passionate about Haitian art and has extensive knowledge that will be of benefit to you and your artwork. 

Buying: When you’re looking through the Haitian art that is for sale, you can rest assured that each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity (C.O.A.). The Myrian Nader Art Gallery values each of their customers and will gladly guide you through the buying process. We offer competitive prices, so you can receive a quality work of art at a fair price.

Consulting Services: Myriam Nader’s consulting services are based on the client’s unique needs, whether it be the right placement of the art in their home or giving advice on how to care for the artwork. This can be done in your home or through an online consultation.

Experience Vibrant Haitan Art Through The Myriam Nader Art Gallery

Our online art gallery is meant to show the vibrance and uniqueness of Haiti and their art. All that we offer, including our appraisal, buying and consulting services, are meant to enrich your buying experience. We hope to keep you as a customer for life at the Myriam Nader Art Gallery. Contact us today with any questions or enquiries.

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