5 Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

Your dad may say that he doesn't want anything special for Father's Day, but you know better. After all, you should always celebrate the people who matter most to you, and if there's a moment to do that, it's Father's Day.

So instead of just another tie or another shirt, why not surprise him with something more unique? 

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Here are 5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love.

1. Get Him This Haitian Art Book, "Peintres Haitiens" by Gerald Alexis

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

If you are looking for a good Father's Day gift, but don't know where to start, try this Haitian Art Book by Gerald Alexis. This 304-page book contains more than 310 pictures of art in colors!

The author, Gérald Alexis is considered a world-renowned specialist in Caribbean and Latino-American Art, focusing especially on Haitian art.

Get it for just $150

2. Buy Gesner Armand's "The Old Church" Painting 24"h X 30"w

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love


This vintage artwork from 1960 belongs to the private collection of Georges S. Nader, and is sold-is.

A lovely 24" x 30" painting dubbed "The Old Church" signed by Gesner Armand. It is a damaged oil on board, with wear on the edges and corners, but it still looks great.

It's ready to go on display in your dad's living room or den!

Buy it for $3000


3. Consider Getting Wilmino Domond's "The Harvesters" 1967 Oil on Board Painting 23.5"x23.75

5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love
Give your dad something that he can treasure forever.

This beautiful 1967 masterpiece represents a picture of a "coumbit" (labourers working the land together while singing) in rural Haiti.

Domond's work includes brightness of colour, with a preference for reds and oranges, and a love of pattern and design. 
Gift this piece of Haitian history for $4000 

4. Your Dad Might Love This Randolph San Millan "Shaman" 23"h x 7"w x 6"d Wood Sculpture on Granite

5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

When you gift this sculpture to your father on Father's Day, you'll be giving him something that's more than just a piece of art. You'll be giving him a thought-provoking piece that he can keep forever.

This is an authentic sculpture by the Haitian-American Randolph San Millan, titled "Shaman" 23"h x 7"w x 6"d. His sculpture is more than a form, it is the crystallization of an idea.

Gift it for $500


5. This Albert Desmangles "Four Faces" Acrylic on Canvas Could Be The Perfect Gift

5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

This inspiring piece of art by self-taught, renowned artist Albert Desmangles illustrates "an arabesque of contours and transparent forms." He began to paint universal women using light to illustrate their power. If your father feels the same way, then this may just be the perfect gift. 

Buy it for $10,000

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