5 Haitian Accessories To Decorate Your Home

5 Haitian Accessories To Decorate Your Home

How you accessorize your home can make a huge impact. You'd be amazed what some good Haitian art, throw pillows and sculptures can do! The following Haitian accessories - available on the Myriam Nader shop - could be the décor staples your home needs.

1. Create Contrast With this Jose Morillo 20"x20" Flower Sellers Hand Embroidery Cotton For Cushion



Whether you're planning to add a little character to your bedroom or touch up your living room area, getting some cushions is an excellent place to start. We recommend getting our "Flower Sellers", Hand Embroidery Cotton for Cushion - by the known Dominican painter Jose Morillo - to add a splash of color to your space.


Shop for it here for only $45.00

2. Decorate with Sculptures




A home is not complete until you have a statement-making piece. Sculptures can make your home come alive as well as add a little personality.

The wood on granite "Intrigue" sculpture made by Randolph San Millan easily grabs attention. Millan's work flows from his passion to create unique abstract designs that are thought provoking. Emotional, sensual and spatial energies mingle to capture the essence of a concept in startling ways. His sculpture is more than a form: it is the crystallization of an idea.

Get this sculpture now for only $800.00

3. Hang Up Haitian Art Prints on your Walls




Designing a cultural home is a very personal experience. What you put on your wall represents who you are and the process of creating a safe space can take some time.

Before choosing a piece of Haitian art for your house ensure that you understand why you’re drawn to a certain item especially if it’s from a culture outside of your own. Consider dedicating a wall space to some of your favorite Haitian art pieces that are favorable to you and your house.

You can start with this 21.25"x 28.50 signed litho dubbed "My Studio's Window in Paris" made by Luce Turnier during her stay in Paris. This piece is rare. It is signed in the lower right corner, numbered 90/100 on the right side, and dates back to the early 1970s.

Hang this piece of Paris and Haiti in your home for only $2,350

4. Try Something New with a Hand-Painted Bottle




Have you ever tried accessorizing your home with some hand-painted bottles? It can be a unique way to design your space. You can place the empty bottle on your TV stand or add some fresh, bright colored flowers inside first.

You can start with this hand-painted bottle by Haitian Artist Rose-Marie Lebrun 14"x6"x3.5" painted in 2017 recycled glass. Its warm colors are perfect if you prefer a more neutral theme in your home.

Own it for only $45

5. Accessorize with Some Folk Art Quilts 




We have a beautiful category of women's homemade original Haitian folk art quilts. Displaying an antique quilt is one of the best ways to present Haiti's rich and cultural heritage in your space.

This category is especially special to us as it's in partnership with PeaceQuilts. PeaceQuilts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that establishes and supports independent, self-managed sewing ateliers in Haiti. Browse through our unique Haitian art collection to find a favorite!

Our pick is Damassin's Devine Mountains - Sa Se Mon Divirel Damasen by artist Elmitha who depicts the hills and mountains surrounding her village in the southwest of Haiti. The sleeve is on the reverse for hanging. Furthermore, it is 100% cotton, hand-quilted, embroidered and appliquéd.

Buy it now for just $125.

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