Top Arts and Crafts from Haiti

Top Arts and Crafts from Haiti

People who experience and react to life within the context of their history, culture, and current circumstances produce art.

The Republic of Haiti, which shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, is where Haitian art originates. The Haitian art aesthetic, prized globally and found at the Myriam Nader Haitian Art Online Gallery, speaks volumes about Haitian stories.

Here we are unfolding a few of the crafts and art forms of Haiti. Let’s dive in to learn more:


Welcome to the handcrafted goods section of Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery. These one-of-a-kind works of Caribbean and Haitian art will give any space a unique touch.

We provide a wide range of Haitian arts and crafts, from hand-painted bottles to embroidered cushions. Nothing like these one-of-a-kind, finely created pieces can be found anywhere else. You've come to the right site if you're seeking Haitian art with vibrant colors and cultural expression.

A remarkable diversity of works by various artists may be seen in our online art collection. Enjoy these distinctive works of art, then browse our other collection pages for more Haitian creations.

Haitian creations.

Check out the beautiful Plant Hanging by Kathline Salvant, born in 1999 in Cap-Haitian, Haiti, often known as Lady Katrina is a jewellery, knitting, and macramé designer. Lady Katrina has taken part in a lot of shows, like "Artisanat en Fête." She sells her goods primarily in Labadie but has just started exhibiting them in New York at the Myriam Nader Haitian Art Online Gallery. Today, she is the proud mother of a kid who serves as her new inspiration and goal-setter. Let's welcome Lady Katrina to our group of female Haitian artists and show our support for her creations!


In collaboration with PeaceQuilts, the Myriam Nader Art Gallery is pleased to showcase a lovely collection of women's handcrafted unique Haitian folk art quilts. An autonomous, self-managed sewing atelier is established and supported in Haiti by PeaceQuilts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

folk art quilts

The women create original folk art quilts that reflect Haiti's rich aesthetic and cultural history. Haitian women who work for PeaceQuilts have the chance to grow their companies and make a livable income. Buy a quilt now to bring some warmth into your life and theirs!

The finest supplies and labor were used to create these unique quilts. The bold hues are a fantastic portrayal and a defining characteristic of Haitian art within the island's culture. These quilts reflect Haiti's daily life and historical events in an exquisite way. These folk art quilts can be precisely what you need if you're seeking for something different from a standard painting.


We enjoy displaying works by Haitian artists here at the Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery. Even if some have left Haiti, they continue to represent it by producing stunning art pieces. This collection features a variety of works produced by Haitian artists living abroad.

We provide a diverse range of items by Haitian artists, from books to paintings and crafts. Browse our vast inventory to locate the items you really must have. You're sure to uncover a couple that stands out if you're an art enthusiast like us.

The most extensive collection of Haitian art may be seen in our online gallery. Please get in touch if you have any questions! We're here to help you every single day

still-life painting Rolande Magloire

This stunning original still-life painting Rolande Magloire 30"x40" Sunflowers 2022 Oil on Canvas Painting #7RM measures 30" x 40" and was produced by renowned Haitian-American artist Rolande Magloire.


The Myriam Nader Art Gallery is proud to exhibit this magnificent collection of paintings made by Haitian Female Painters.

This fantastic collection of paintings honors Haitian women, something we are incredibly proud of. These pieces use various media, such as acrylic, oil, mixed media, ink, and watercolor. You may appreciate a wide range of perspectives, styles, genres, and colors both on the island and throughout the diaspora since each artist portrays a particular aspect of Haitian culture and history.

Explore each artist's works to learn more about them, or, if you happen to like one, in particular, visit our artist website to see only the Haitian art they have for sale there.

acrylic painting "Maroulé/Butterfly Lady

 The original 16" × 20" acrylic painting "Maroulé/Butterfly Lady" was created in 2021 by Haitian-American artist Mimi Desir. The pieces of art are offered unframed. Carole Demesmin's gorgeous dresses, which she frequently creates, served as the inspiration for "Maroule." Her movements make the artist think of a butterfly and her country's Carnaval season.


If you have any questions, we’re available 24/7 to help you. We will happily assist you in every step of the buying process. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have, too. Thank you for visiting our virtual gallery and enjoying our collection of Haitian artwork!

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