Gesner Armand (Haitian, 1936-2008)

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Gesner Armand was born in 1936 in Croix-des Bouquets and died in 2008. Armand started drawing and watercolor at the Centre d'Art and was granted a scholarship by the French Government in 1961 to study art in Paris. He lived in Paris for 2 years and came back to Haiti. He was the curator for the Musee d'Art Haitian for a couple of years. As a renown Haitian painter and a brillant talented artist who joined the ranks of Haitian non-primitive artists. He has exhibited internationally. He is known for his luminous country scenes and his pigeons. 

"His substantial work rests upon a mastery of color effects and a pure drawing"(Gerald Alexis, "Peintres Haitiens"). Get the Book Now!

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