5 Beautiful Landscape Paintings By Jean Adrien Seide

5 Beautiful Landscape Paintings By Jean Adrien Seide

Jean Adrien Seide was born on November 18, 1956, in Les Cayes, Haiti. In 1973, he began studying painting under Jean-Claude Louis, and joined in the Académie des Beaux Arts in 1977. 

Seide currently resides in Venezuela. He draws landscapes that depict limitless fields and plains conveying a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and harmony. 

His inspirations come from his homeland: the River of Artibonite, the plain of Artibonite, the mountains of Jacmel, and the cascades from the famous Saut Mathurin or Peligre in Haiti.

"Horizontal lines evoking fields cross the vertical lines of trees to create a coherent landscape." (Peintres Haitiens by Gérald Alexis)

His art has been shown in several countries, including the United States, Venezuela, Spain, Salvador, Canada, Haiti, and France. Seide is well-known among art collectors all around the globe, who like his simple landscapes. The Musée de Vence in France and the Haitian Heritage Museum in Miami have his works in their permanent collections. 

Here are 5 Beautiful Landscape Paintings By Jean-Adrien Seide. 

1. Jean Adrien Seide 24"x30" Daily Life In The Valley 2022 Acrylic on Canvas Painting #21MFN

Own this serene and unique 30"x40" landscape painting of daily life in the valley. It is an acrylic on canvas dated 2022 sold unframed and un-stretched. 

Buy it now for $2000

 2. Jean Adrien Seide 40"x60" Valley With Mountains, Lake, Coconut Trees 2022 Acrylic on Canvas Painting #6JAS-NY

Hang this huge landscape painting up on your wall! It is a 40"x60" painting acrylic on canvas depicting a landscape view of a valley with mountains, a lake, and coconut trees, and It is sold un-stretched and unframed. 

Get it now for $6,500

3. Jean-Adrien Seide 12"x16" Landscape by the Water Acrylic on Canvas #13MFN

 This original 12"x16" acrylic on canvas offers a sense of calm as you take in the magnificent mountain views extending downwards into a body of water. 

4. Jean Adrien Seide 12"x16" The Walking Woman 2021 Acrylic on Canvas #6MFN

A 12"x16" painting acrylic on canvas of a woman walking towards the lake, perhaps to fetch water as the sun rises.

Get this beautiful landscape painting for $500

5. Jean-Adrien Seide 20"x24" On Their Way To The Market By The River 2022 Acrylic on Canvas Painting #19MFN

A unique and beautiful 20"x24" acrylic on canvas of people going to the market by the river. It is sold unstretched and unframed. 

Own this for just $1,250