Fabolon Blaise (1959-1985) 36"x60" Adam & Eve Under the Tree c1984 Oil on Canvas Painting #1-3-96GSN-Fondation Marie & Georges S. Nader

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Fabolon Blaise, the contemporary renowned Haitian painter, signed this beautiful, significant, and original 36"x60" oil on canvas painting of Adam and Eve under the forbidden tree surrounded by multicolor animals. The internationally well-acclaimed art critic Gerald Alexis carefully chose the artwork as part of the Marie & Georges S. Nader Foundation collection. Our gallery will issue a certificate of authenticity upon purchase.

About this artist

Fabolon Blaise was born in Cap-Haitian, Haiti, on February 17, 1959, and died in 1985. “Following in the footsteps of his brothers Saint-Louis and Serge Moleon Blaise, Fabolon devoted himself to painting in 1975. He began with landscapes and later specialized in historical scenes inspired by folklore and Voodoo. He is remembered as a taciturn, sometimes irascible, but endearing character” (La Peinture Haitienne/ Haitian Ats by Marie-José Gardere & Gérald Bloncourt, Nathan Edition, pp. 86). His name is mentioned in several Haitian art books.