Michele (KLODE) Garoute (Haitian)

michele-claude-klode-garoute-michel-s-biography-3.jpgBorn in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, lives and works in New York, USA. 
Klode is a creative artist and a passionate cultural animator who is committed to bring art awareness to people where ever she goes. Through her work, Klode wants to share her positive experiences with art, in order to motivate and stimulate people to seek and discover their true creative potential. It is an easier way which has enabled Klode to restore and maintain a balance; an artistic process that also helped the artist to grow on many levels to enjoy satisfaction in her life. Born in 1960, Klode started painting at a very early age. Growing up with art, she was 5 years old when she won her first art award. Everyone thought that it was ephemeral then. As time would show however, a visit from her father Tiga in 1991 reaffirmed her true passion for art. Using, Tiga’s art philosophy and teaching, the artist inside came out, like an explosion, and through her outburst, we are left beneficiaries of Klode wonders. She has exhibited in Haiti, Florida and mostly in New York where she lives. Klode was also trained by Tiga as an artistic rotation facilitator. She now teaches the artistic rotation method. She has held various art workshops in New York (Broadway Housing community, Affirmation Arts, 159th street St Nicholas Community Art fair, Bethesda SDA Church, Ongoing home workshop in her home studio); and the Library of William Jefferson Clinton in Little Rock Arkansas.

Solo Exhibit Kafe's Korner, Elmont, NY (1997) Riverbank Gallery, New York, NY (1997) Gallery Marassa, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2002) Riverbank Cafe, New York, NY (2003) Mixed Notes Cafe, Elmont, New York (2004) St Bernard School, New York, NY (2005) St Bernard School NYC, NY (2007); Columbia University, NYC, NY 2010; Queens Borough Community College, Bayside NY (2010), Rio II Gallery NYC, NY 2010, Rio Penthouse Gallery (2012) Englewood Library 2013

Group Exhibit: OHIE, Astoria Queens, NY (1998) Dix Hills' Library, Dix Hills, NY (1999) Puck Building, Soho, NY (2000) French Embassy, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2002) Expression Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2002) Sage Theater, Time Square, NY (2004) Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY (2005) The Glass Museum of Art, Pembroke, FL (2006) Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY (2006-2007) Ajoupa Galleria, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2007) International Caribbean Art Fair, NYC, NY (2007); Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, Miami, Florida 2008; Manhattan Borough President’s office NYC, NY 2009; Gala Art Entertainment At Mirele LI, NY 2009; Gala Art Entertainment at Malcolm X Ctr. NYC, NY 2009; Bread & Roses Gallery 1199, NYC, NY (2009); The Dorsey Art Gallery B’klyn, NY (2009), AQ/art quake Portfolio project NYC (2011), Women of Colours Knox Gallery (2012); Art Horizon Leroy Newman Art Center NYC 2013 


My name is Michele Claude Garoute Michel I am a creative artist with a Haitian background. I have been painting professionally since 1997 I strongly believe that art is first and foremost a special mean to enable all people, without distinction, to find total wellbeing; body, mind and soul. Though I grew up in a family of creative minded individuals and accomplished talented artists, art for my family is a way of life; but my positive encounter with art on a deep personal level began around twenty years ago. Experiencing difficulties has convinced me that art is an important tool for all man to survive and find stability.

Using painting as a tool, working freely and consistently, structuring my life around art, I have learned to create over a period of time, to first reconcile my life, then achieve the balance I needed to grow. Since then I have also learned to develop on many levels to find satisfaction.

Becoming productive in the art field has also enabled me to feel self-worthy; touching other people lives with my art and reaching out to help people, renders my life whole.

Today I am a proud art initiator to people around me. My passion is to motivate children and adults alike to use art as a tool to help them to maintain, find or restore the balance that all people need to grow and develop.

Using a unique art platform called the Artistic Rotation to stimulate people to work. I am not only able to help individuals become self-aware, but I also help them fine tune theirs lives; This special artistic process enables me to maintain my rich Haitian Art Heritage.

The Artistic Rotation method was conceived, developed and practiced by my father for many years in Haiti. Jean Claude Garoute Tiga was an international Haitian artist. He was a conscious artist who became a unique kind of teacher to people in his Haitian culture. He used his polyvalent artistic talents to reach and touch all people sensibility from all walks of life and professions to make them self-aware. Most of all Tiga enabled many people; man, women and children artistically inclined or challenged, to improve, better and change their lives to find satisfaction by creating.

Art is a good thing for people and I am very proud to maintain my father’s art legacy.