Our Artists

Welcome to Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery, NY! This is a selection of paintings by artist's name in alphabetical order. Each artwork purchased on this site is sold unframed and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a biography of the artist, if available. Myriam Nader-Salomon has been in the art business for more than a quarter of a century, and has earned an international reputation of integrity for selling ONLY authentic art. Her gallery will provide the certificate of authenticity as it stands behind every piece of art it carries. Scroll Down To Make Your Selection by Artist's Name and Click To See More! You may also use the search key to find a specific painter! Still can't find it? Email us at myriamnader2007@aol.com! We have a large family collection of nearly 20,000 artworks for sale! We will be more than happy to help! Enjoy!