Pascal Smarth ( Haitian, b. 1966)

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Pascal Smarth was born in Haiti in 1966.  Early, in his childhood, he has been introduced to painting by his father, himself a painter in his leisure time. He attended the Fine Arts Academy and became fully a professional in 1991. 

Although Pascal flirted with the figurative art, he can be definitely labeled as an abstract artist, a style that he adopted in 1994 because the power of color and the dynamism of forms attract him.  

Pascal Smarth has exhibited in Haiti, mainly at Galerie Nader and abroad. His art has been illustrated in many Haitian Art books. 

"Smarth's academic training enabled him to pass from surrealism to abstraction and later abstract figuration."(Gerald Alexis, "Peintres Haitiens"). Get the Book Now!

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