Philome Obin (Haitian,1892-1986)

Philome Obin was born in Limbe on July 20, 1892  and died on August 1986. He was unconstably the greatest of all Haitian artists—his main competitor for that accolade is fellow painter Hector Hyppolite. He received rudimentary instruction in drawing as a boy and produced his first known painting in 1908. He painted murals and other decorative pieces for commercial establishments, fraternal organizations, and Protestant chapels in the beginning.Two decades after his death, works by Philomé Obin are found internationally.

Obin was self taught and was one of the first Haitian artists who marvelled the world with his naive art. His art is referred in all major books on Haitian art and mentioned by many art critics internationally. " Obin's concerns with precision and the respect of reality, injects a measure of coldness into his narrative works" says Gerald Alexis in his book "Peintres Haitiens". Get the Book Now!