Jean-Claude Garoute -Tiga (1935-2006) 20"x16" Triangle Face 1998 Mixed Media on Board Framed #5FC

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What a stunning piece created by the late famous Haitian painter Jean-Claude Garoute! TiGA was one of the famous Haitian artists and sculptors who had left behind a great cultural legacy in Haiti. He was the co-founder of the Saint-Soleil Movement in Soisson-La-Montagne, the founder of Poto Mitan and KayTiga, art gallery and cultural center . His Rotation Artistic method to teach art was well-acclaimed. Andre Malraux was fascinated by his art. "A painter of animation, Garoute goes on experimenting in life and in art" says Gerald Alexis in his book Peintres Haitiens.

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