Jean-Baptiste Bottex (1918-1979) 36"x24" Carriage in Cap-Haitien Oil on Canvas Painting #1-2-95MFN

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Add to your collection today this beautiful original painting signed "J.B Bottex" on the lower right corner by the late, famous Haitian artist Jean-Baptiste Bottex. It depicts a carriage on the streets of Cap-Haitian in the old times. It is a 36"x 24" oil on canvas original vintage painting sold in its as-in condition and framed. 

About this artist

Jean-Baptiste Bottex was the elder brother of the better-known Seymour Bottex. He is a naive painter specialized in biblical topics and daily scenes from Haitian life. He exhibited locally at the Art Center and abroad (Peinture Haitienne by Marie Jose Nada & Gerald Bloncourt, Editions Nathan, 1986). Jean-Baptiste worked with the famous Haitian pioneer artist Philome Obin, though little influence of Obin's 'northern school' is evident in his work. He later maintained an atelier of his own with his brother S.E Bottex, training artists.

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