Fritz Rock 30"x40" Merchants c1970 Oil on Canvas #19-3-79GN-HA

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Fritz Rock, the well-known Haitian painter, signed this cubist painting representing a market scene in a circular motion. It is an original oil on canvas. It has minor scratches and is SOLD AS IS.

About this artist

Fritz Rock was born in June 1944 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After primary school at Hermann Heraux, he became a camera operator in a theater. In his spare time, he began to paint market scenes "a la" Casimir Laurent School, retaining his style. His canvases are covered with colorful people. Taught by Casimir Laurent, he paints in the primitive style. He has been exhibited abroad. (Haiti Voodoo Kingdom Riviera by John Allen Franciscus, 1980). Fritz Rock left Haiti in 1986 to establish in Florida, USA.

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