"Masterpieces Of Haitian Art" by Candice Russell (2013). Hard Cover

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This is the first major overview of Haitian art in the last 25 years, and the first book of the new Millenium to address the subject in a comprehensive way. Learn about the national religion of Vodou which informs much of Haitian art. Study the manifest form of expression by intuitive geniuses determined to visually document all aspects of experience in this unique island nation. From paintings and metal sculptures to papier-mâché and decorative religious textiles, this book celebrates the best artwork made in Haiti over the past seven decades. 

About this artist

From painting and sculptures to papier-mache and gorgeously embellished Vodou flags, Russell’s book is a celebration of the best examples in each medium produced in Haiti in the last seven decades. The misunderstood religion of Vodou informs much of the art. Learn about the diverse history of Haitian artistic schools, including the depiction of ordinary life in the Cap-Haitien style, and the mysterious and haunting images that make Saint Soleil so appealing. This mixture of work by masters like Hector Hyppolite and younger, emerging artists, demonstrates the importance of the bond between past, present, and future generations. Irreplaceable artworks, as well as hundreds of thousands of lives, were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. In this historically important book, see how this resilient nation rebuilds itself while thoughtfully preserving its heritage and culture through art. Size: 9"; x 12" | 308 color photos | 256 pp | 4 lbs ISBN13: 9780764344268 | Binding: hard cover | $55 including shipping within the US