"REMEMBRANCE Loss, Hope, Recovery after the Earthquake in Haiti", 9"x6", Contributing Author Myriam Nader-Salomon

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Read Myriam Nader-Salomon, one of the contributing authors, in Part II- Aftershocks: Diasporic Reflections in this anthology of short essays by the Multicultural Women's Presence Collective. It's a volume of reflections on the earthquake that occurred on January 12, 2010, which led to over 300,000 deaths and devastated the country's already challenged infrastructure. The book records the horrific experiences of survivors of the earthquake as well as the involvement of those deeply affected in the Diaspora.

About this artist

RE-MÉMOIRE Chagrin, Souvenir, espoir après le séisme en Haïti. Bilingual (English - French) Remembrance / Re-mémoire documents the experiences of individuals who have been directly impacted by the 2010 earthquake. It includes reflections by Haitian women as well as those who are in solidarity with them through research, feminist organizations, social activism, and personal relationships. The collection exposes the complexity and diversity of the Haitian nation and its people, wherever they reside, debunking assumptions and misconceptions about the country's history and culture. It also considers the challenges of development in the reenvisioning of a new Haiti.