Ronald Cadet 40"x 30" L'Initiation 2014 Acrylic On Canvas #1RC

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This is a vibrant original art of work signed by the renown Haitian-American artist, Ronald Cadet. This painting has a very philosophical theme, and translates everything of the voodoo initiation, that initiates, the Priest and the others servants united to present one among them to these gods as a new servant. The artist created this painting to promote the rapport that exists between voodoo and mythology, by these ideas and his creations and the proper value of the Haitian culture. It is a 40"x30" acrylic on canvas depicting a colorful voodoo scene. The painting is sold unframed.

About this artist

Ronald Cadet was born on December 22, 1979, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After diploma of National Arts School (ENARTS) in Haiti started performing on his studio to drawing, painting, sculpting in Port-au-Prince and also on stage, moved to Paris, France in 2010 to work as a cultural agent of cultural exchange between Paris to Senegal Dakar and Haiti.  He won the prize of competition of sculpture in one of the largest art festival in the world Blacks Arts Festival (Festival Mondiale des Arts Negres) FESMEN III'’ in December 2010, Senegal Dakar. He was Ambassador and representative of Haitian paintings/sculptures at the National Museum of Quebec in the Festival Black History Month in February 2014. 

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