Jean-Baptiste Jean (Haitian, 1953-2002) 24"x30" Reunion To Plan The Battle Of Vertieres 1973 Oil on Masonite Unframed #14MFN

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This painting is a vintage historical piece signed by the late Haitian painter from Cap-Haitian Jn-Baptiste Jean dated in 1973. The famous Battle of Vertieres was the last major battle of the Haitian Revolution, and the final part of the revolution under Jean-Jacques Dessalines. It was fought on November 18, 1803, between the Haitian indigenous army, and Napoleon's French expeditionary forces, who were committed to regaining control of the Island. It is sold unframed. It is signed with the inscription on the lower center: "Pétion, Christophe, Garat, Gerin, Capois, Vernet, Marie Jeanne see reunirent chez Dessalines pour entendre le plan de la bataille du 18 Novembre 1803 et aujourd'hui c'est 17 Nov 1803", meaning Pétion, Christophe, Garat, Gerin, Capois, Vernet, Marie Jeanne see met at Dessalines to hear the plan of the battle of November 18, 1803 and today is Nov 17, 1803.

About this artist

Primitive artist Jean-Baptiste Jean was born April 21, 1953, in Cap-Haitian and began to paint in 1972 as a student of Philome Obin. He also studied at the Centre d'Art in Port-au-Prince and formally joined it in 1973. He is known as a Third Generation Master of the Northern School. Jean-Baptiste Jean passed away in 2002. His art was widely collected by the late American film producer Jonathan Demme and cited in many books.