Rony Leonidas (1946-2012) 24"x30" Toussaint & Les Soldats Noirs Se Réunirent A Breda en 1804 Oil on Board Painting #30-SM

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The late Haitian artist Rony Leonidas signed this original historical oil on canvas where he inscribed at the bottom " Toussaint & Les Soldats Noirs Se Reunirent A Bred En 1804", meaning general Tousaint Louverture and his black soldiers gathered in Breda in 1804. t is  in good condition & framed  30.5"x36.5" from the Mastandrea family collection in Texas, where the painting will be shipped. Our gallery will issue a certificate of authenticity upon purchase. 

About this artist

Rony Leonidas was born in Cap Haitien, Haiti on January 9th, 1946. He began painting in 1968. Unlike other members of the Cap Haitien school, such as Philomé Obin, who specialized in depicting the urban life and historical events of the north, Leonidas depicted the rural life. His work showed a fascination with all the processes of agriculture - the growing and harvesting of crops. Leonidas' son Cassandro is also a painter, as is his wife, Michaelle Obin. He passed away on August 30, 2012.

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