Gabriel Bien-Aime 12"x32" Unleashed Black Dog Cut-Out Steel Drum Sculpture #2GSN-Fondation Marie & Georges S. Nader

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Gabriel Bien-Aimé, the famous Haitian sculptor, finely sculpted this 12"x32" cut-out seal drum of a black unleashed dog. The internationally well-acclaimed art critic Gerald Alexis carefully chose the artwork as part of the Marie & Georges S. Nader Foundation collection. Our gallery will issue a certificate of authenticity upon purchase.

About this artist

Haitian sculptor Gabriel Bien-Aime was born in Croix-des-Bouquets on May 1, 1951. He started to sculpt under the supervision of the sculptor Janvier Louis-Juste, following the footsteps of Georges Liautaud, the great master cut-out metal sculptor.