Georges Paul (G.P) Hector (Haitian, 1938-1990) 24"x18" Abstract 1974 Oil on Canvas Framed Painting #1MA

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The late Haitian artist Georges Paul (Hector) painted this original 24"x18" abstract painting. It is signed "G.P. Hector" and is dated 74 in the lower left corner. The artwork is in good condition, framed in an original mahogany wood frame, and from a private collector from Haiti, where it will be shipped. Our gallery will provide a certificate of authenticity upon purchase.

About this artist

The late Haitian painter Georges Paul (G.P.) Hector was born in Petite Rivière and died in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1990. "Hector adopted two different styles: intimate figuration in his portraits and rhythmic abstraction with vivid colors." He was tall with a calm demeanor, his head always in the air, and a broad smile that he offered everyone; this man of modest origins had a limitless thirst for knowledge and extraordinary sensitivity. Alongside his teaching career, he created the Koumbit Studio, became the secretary general of the Association of Haitian Artists, and was a founding member of the Association of Afro-American Artists and the periodical Courrier des Arts. We understand that this dispersion could have affected his career as an artist. There is neither a common thread nor a sense of rupture. It's more of a back-and-forth between different styles, the traces of other influences, and the impact on him of his readings. Regarding form, we find the realism practiced by his elders, the Indigénistes, alongside totally abstract works. We also find, halfway between the two, this "abstract realism" of Paul Keen Jr (1920-2009), an African-American artist who, in 1952-1954, taught at the Art Center. For some reason that cannot be explained (tastes and colors cannot be discussed), the Haitian public has remained very indifferent to the art of Georges Paul Hector. This is how, in the 1970s, with the revival of business, which brought the world of Haitian art into a new golden age, we did not find his name alongside the great stars of the moment. However, foreigners bought his paintings. But when the dizzying drop in tourism arrived, Georges Paul Hector experienced very dark days, and it remained like this until his death. (Sources: Gerald Alexis, Le Nouvelliste, May 3, 2016 & Peintres Haitiens)