5 Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts

5 Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the things that make us happy. We're all busy leading our lives, but we should take the time to appreciate the people closest to us and what they do for us. That's why we've put together this list of Thanksgiving gifts—so you can show your friends, family, and anyone else in your life just how much they mean to you!

Whether you're looking for a thank-you present for a friend who always gets your coffee or for your favorite family member, these Thanksgiving gifts are perfect for sending the message that you care about them.

1. Ludovic Booz (1940-2015) 24"x36" Morning Coffee 1981 Acrylic on Canvas

5 Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts
This acrylic on canvas painting by Ludovic Booz is a perfect for the coffee lover in your life, whether it's a family member, friend or neighbor. They can chose to hang this on their kitchen or living room wall and enjoy their next cup of coffee alongside the subjects in the painting. 
Get it for $6,900

2. Roger Francois 12x16" Busy Port c1992 Acrylic on Canvas Painting

5 Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts
Know someone who could use a splash of color in their home? Then this acrylic on canvas painting by Roger Francois may be just the thing. Light up their living space with this stunning piece of art. 
Buy it for just $500.

3. Albott Bonhomme 24"x20" Simanga Pecking 2022 Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Probably a plant lover's paradise. This beautiful painting by Albott Bonhomme capturing a tropical paradise would look good in any home, but more so coupled with a few house plants. 
Get it for just $900

4. Jean Adrien Seide 40"x30" Multitude in Procession 2022 Canvas Painting

The famous artist Jean Adrien Seide created this rare and original 40"x30" painting on canvas in October 2022 during his trip to Colombia. It depicts a procession in Saut d'Eau in Haiti of a multitude offering prayers to their gods. It is sold unframed and un-stretched.

Get it now for $3000


5. Jean Adrien Seide 48"x71.5" Blue Sky Valley With Mountains 2022 Acrylic On Canvas


Not sure what to art piece to buy? You can never go wrong with a landscape painting. Haitian well-known contemporary landscape painter Jean Seide Seide painted this unique and beautiful huge 48"x71.50" acrylic on canvas in 2022, depicting a valley's landscape view with mountains and trees. It is sold unstretched and unframed. 

Get it for $7000


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