Here are some popular folk arts to decorate your home with

Here are some popular folk arts to decorate your home with

Folk arts represent a community's cultural vitality. The expressive culture related to folklore and cultural heritage is encompassed within the art form. Objects traditionally created and used within a traditional community might be considered tangible folk art.

Haiti has a complex story of triumphs and tragedies. Haiti's culture evolved and absorbed many nations as they arrived and left their imprint on the island. Celebrating Haitian folk artists, the Myriam Nader Art Gallery, New York gives voice to rising black, Native, immigrant, and working mother artisans.

Haitian food, dancing, and art now reflect the country's past and incorporate French, African, and native Taino influences. One constant has been the Haitian people's desire to express themselves via the arts.

The island nation's vibrant daily life was shown in paintings and slave-inspired patterns. wooden art, crafts, and sculptures made by artists complete the categories of Haitian folk art.

Following the earthquake of 2010, several artists used Haitian artwork to convey their genuine anguish and passion. Haitian religion and culture frequently mingle with Christianity and Vodoo, a mystical religion rooted in legend. Many Haitians have found a way to recover and recall their strength and spirit by combining art and religion.

Haitian Folk Art Paintings

Haitian culture combines aspects from Africa, France, and the West Indies. Once a social barrier, the Creole language later utilized to establish a national culture. The language was employed in some official activities as well as in music, dance, theatre, and literature.

Through the amazing paintings created by the haitian artists, you can really sense what it is to be Haitian and what painting has to offer. Here, we'll talk about two of the most classic haitian folk artists.


One of the most amazing Haitian master painters with almost endless potential, Celestin Faustin was born in 1948 in Haiti and died in 1981. He studied Haitian folk art under Wilmino Domond and quickly established his own haunting, lyrical, hallucinogenic, surreal, and sexual style.
Celestin Faustin

Celestin Faustin, oil on masonite, 24"x48" C. Faustin 1974 is signed and dated in the lower-left corner. Overall Condition: Good Provenance History: Around 1985, George L. Brown Jr., former Lt. Governor of Colorado, received the picture from a friend's estate.

On April 20, 2022, ARTNews Magazine chose two paintings by Celestin Faustin, among the best art in the Venice Biennale 2022. Check out the stunning original oil painting by Celestin Faustin, one of Haiti's greatest late master painters, to add to your collection now!


Albott Bonhomme, a self-taught artist, was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti, in 1963. He painted birds in a beautiful oasis scene after turning professional in 1990. He has had several international exhibitions, and many collectors throughout the world, mostly in the US and Japan, highly value his work. Haiti's environmental issues are evoked by his "Tropical forest sceneries" (Peintres Haitiens by Gerald Alexis, Editions Cercle d'Art, 2000)Tropical forest sceneries

This original 20" x 24" acrylic on canvas artwork is signed on the bottom right side by Haitian artist Albott Bonhomme and inscribed with the number X-013029A. It shows a gorgeous tropical rainforest with greenery and a glimpse of a waterfall. It is being sold unframed and unstretched in fair condition.


Folk art exists to communicate a tale or memorialize an event. Our virtual art gallery features famous Haitian paintings from a diverse group of artists. Most of our Haitian folk arts don't last long, so if you see anything you like, add it to your shopping bag quickly since it could be gone before you know it. We're happy to assist you in any way we can.

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