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Thank you Myriam for the update. I will email you of course when it arrives. Your service and tenacity at finding the right painting was a lovely experience. Best,

- Catherine W.

Dear Myriam, Thank you soooo much for the beautiful book. I have now received all three paintings. I think you have sparked a new interest in me. The paintings are extraordinary, especially the Rouanez. I'll keep combing your web site. Best regards,

- Ron P.

Thank you so much for my appraisal – it is nice to know the value and probably treat it a little nicer!

- Diane R.

Great! Thank you Myriam.
Much appreciated the excellent customer service.

- Nathalie A.

I love arts and guess what Haitians have the best arts.

- Angie Salomon Diaz-Cervo

The Nader inventory is the most varied, interesting collection of Haitian Art from well known Master to young up and coming artists. For generations the Name Nader has been synonymous with Haitian Art their expertise is well established. They are the reference.

- Mahalia Stines

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Virtual Exhibition

The show focuses on the works presented in our Online Viewing Rooms of Contemporary paintings by the famous contemporary Haitian master Lyonel Laurenceau from the private collection of Georges S. Nader, the patriarch of Haitian painting and an icon in the Haitian art world.

Lyonel Laurenceau (born 1942) is a Haitian contemporary master painter. He studied in Haiti, the US, and France and created paintings inspired by the human character. He won first prize at the New York City World's Fair in 1966 and later moved to Montreal (Canada), where the city of Montreal made it an honorary citizen.

Lyonel Laurenceau's work adheres to the contemporary undercurrents of Symbolic Expressionism, and it continues to shape its era and ranks among the most sought-after by art collectors.

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Hello and welcome! I am Myriam Nader-Salomon, the proud owner and founder of this beautiful art gallery. I have been a leader in Haitian art worldwide for nearly three decades. I have the passion, the right expertise, and the right DNA to meet all your Haitian art needs.

Haitian art is multi-faceted, fascinating, and present since the 1800's. It is much more than the work of Naive Painters. It is a complex set of artists from the same deep culture, expressing their emotions, stories, and struggles on
a medium. Our vision is to make the world aware of Haiti's vibrant & unique beauties by selling and promoting its arts. Our goal is to guide collectors through our selection of fine art and provide them with expert appraisals of their art and the art they wish to purchase. We commit to originality and competitive pricing. Our objective is to make you a "client for life" and to create an experience that far exceeds your expectations.

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Welcome To Your Online Art Gallery!

Myriam Nader Art Gallery in New York offers the most impressive and important collection of Haitian artworks with a stellar service experience specializing in selling and appraising arts from Haiti online. The gallery is independently owned and directed by Myriam Nader-Salomon, an art dealer and fine art appraiser since 1989. Search by artist, genre & price.

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To me our art is our best ambassador, like if you take a look at any Haitian painting, you can see the life of Haitans through the artists, and you can feel it.

- Myriam Nader