Sophia Lacroix 24"x36" Big Gossip 2023 Oil on Canvas Painting #6SL

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Sophia Lacroix, the well-known Haitian-American artist, painted this beautiful and original 24"x36" oil on canvas painting titled "Gwo Zen" (Big Gossip) in a hyper-realistic style. It is in good condition, signed and dated 2023, in the lower right corner. The artist tends to paint in a blended way into the painting rather than take center stage.

About this artist

Sophia Lacroix, a Haitian-American hyper-realistic and award-winning female artist, was born in 1969 and raised in Haiti. She migrated to the U.S. at 15, worked in social services full-time, and as a self-taught artist part-time. She creates bright, hyper-realistic oil paintings and charcoal, drawing scenes of everyday life from her nostalgic memories of Haiti. Sophia has earned numerous awards, and various books and magazines cited her art. Her 6-foot by 9-foot mural, commissioned in 2008 by the City of Miami, is permanently displayed at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Sophia’s oil painting, “Bay Tete,” won “Best in Show” at the City of Pembroke Pines’ 17th Annual ART Competition in 2022. She was the winner recipient of a solo exhibit in the Fall of 2023 from the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood’s 2022 Florida Biennial: Installations, Portraiture, Materiality, and Magic Realism, a competitive show at MOCA Jacksonville.

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