Haitian Art: History, Style & Facts

Haitian Art: History, Style & Facts

If you’re looking for beautiful art that evokes emotion and depicts a rich history, Haitian art is your answer. Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery in New York offers an impressive collection of Haitian artwork. The history, style, and facts are important to know if you are looking to buy Haitian art. 

painting of houses and fields

Haitian Art History

Haitian art has been shaped by the country's vast history as well as its cultural heritage. Haitians were enslaved in the 17th century by French colonists who had come to Haiti from the neighboring island of Saint-Domingue, now known as Haiti's neighbor, the Dominican Republic. The slaves' descendants created their own form of folk art that was deeply influenced by their African heritage.

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Haitian art depicts the resiliency of its creators, as they made art from available materials, such as metal and wood, during times of war and colonialism. Artwork is not limited to museums, as even the streets on the island are covered in artwork. The art of Haiti includes paintings, sculptures, and other creative expressions

If you are interested in buying Haitian art, you should understand the characteristics that make it so unique. Colorful and vibrant creations stand out among other styles, while humor and irony point to social and political influences in these works of art. 

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Haitian art is a source of inspiration for well-known artists such as Picasso and Henri Matisse who have been known to draw inspiration for their work from the colors of Haitian folk art. The subject matters of Haitian art available for sale at Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery can range from the beautiful scenery of the countryside to depictions of revolution. Modern Haitian art remains just as captivating to us now!

painting of hatians

Haitian Artwork for Sale

Our gallery loves to celebrate the rich content of Haitian art. You can find sculptures created from a variety of media such as metal, wood, and stone, paintings with bold colors and thematic imagery, private art collections consigned by other collectors, and much more.

View the wonderful collection of Haitian art at Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery in New York for a wide variety of works for sale. Shop now!

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