Georges S. Nader - Prolific Haitian Art Collector

Georges S. Nader - Prolific Haitian Art Dealer And Collector

Born on November 6,1931 in Gonaives, Haiti, Georges S. Nader is one of Haitian art's original and most influential pioneers. His journey began with dealing with art on a small scale after opening his first gallery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1966.

His reputation, especially his ability to spot potential, made the gallery an instant success nationwide and worldwide. Georges S. Nader quickly rose to prominence as one of the country's most well-known dealers and collectors. He was entrusted with selecting works for some of the world's most prestigious collections in Europe, North and South America.

After raising awareness of Haitian artists by opening a couple of art galleries in Haiti, he departed to conquer the East in 1970. During this time, he established the first gallery in Sto Domingo, Dominican Republic, alongside his sister and brother-in-law to further promote Haitian art and artists.

His pursuit of putting Haitian art on the map led him to open several galleries across Puerto Rico, New York, and the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, he participated in auctions to recover the works of essential artists acquired by foreigners. Raising the auction prices around them also helped Haitian works become more valuable.

One of his most notable accomplishments was the establishment of the Musée d'Art Nader (Nader Art Museum) in 1992, which houses a permanent display of Haitian art. It was originally located on the rue Bouvreuil in the Croix-Desprez district, but the property was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and later relocated to Pétion-Ville. It was after the earthquake, that Nader was  forced to retire in Miami, due to several health complications. 

In his life, each piece of art took on a new significance. How he examined and explored them gave the impression that he was in direct contact with the subjects in the artworks. These subjects shape his existence. He owes them a lot, most notably the pride of rising from humble beginnings as a $25-per-month shop employee to establishing this art empire. A legacy that is proudly carried on by his children. 

Browse through some of our exclusive selection of artworks from the private collection of Georges S. Nader, carefully chosen for you. 

1. Adam Leontus (Haitian, 1926-1986) 20"x24" Rural Scene 1960 Oil on Board 

The late Haitian master Adam Leontus created this vintage 20 "x24" oil painting on board in the 1960s. The artwork belongs to the private collection of Georges S. Nader and is Sold As-Is. It is damaged due to its old age. 
Adam Leontus was born in April 1923 into a family of nine children either in Anse-à-Galet (La Gônave) or Port-au-Prince. Formerly a dockworker, he was 'discovered" through wall paintings he had created in a Vodoo temple in a poor section of Port-au-Prince. He joined the Centre d'art shortly after that in 1947. He contributed a mural depicting "The Annunciation" at the Episcopal Cathedral of Sainte Trinité in Port-au-Prince during the 1950s. He painted until his death on May 1, 1986. 
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2. Andre Blaise (Haitian, b.1961) "Going Fishing" Framed Painting 10"h X 8"w 

This 12"x16" painting from the private collection of Georges S. Nader depicts an alternate universe where a fish fishes for humans. It is an acrylic on masonite in good condition signed by Andre Blaise, and it's sold framed.

Well-known Haitian artist Andre Blaise (Haitian, b.1961) has participated in many exhibitions in Haiti, France, and the United States. "Humanity is depicted in the form of a fish. His works attest to Haitian lifestyles, embodied in fish-like subjects" Peintres Haitians by Gerald Alexis.
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3. Andre Normil (Haitian, 1934-2014) "Scene de Vie au Port" Framed Acrylic on Canvas Painting



An original 36"x24" framed acrylic on canvas contemporary painting of daily life the port in Haiti, still in excellent condition, signed by the late famous Haitian master Andre Normil.

André Normil is a self-taught Haitian primitive master, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on September 27, 1934, and died on May 2, 2014. He started to paint in 1951 at the Centre d'Art. Normil's primary activity has always been painting, and he captures Haitian life's daily scenes with keen observation and humour. His scenes are rich in colours, and his primary colours, composition, and techniques are the best Haitian art. In 1969 he exhibited in England, in 1970 in Germany and Italy, in 1971 in France. His work is featured in the Musée d'Art Saint Pierre, Musée d'Art Nader, and the Milwaukee Museum of Art in Wisconsin, among other institutions. His works are a must for a serious collector.

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