Is there a type of painting you enjoy most

Is there a type of painting you enjoy most

Painting is one of the most revered and oldest forms of art. Since humanity's first steps on planet earth, we had drawn cave illustrations that show our passion for expressing our thoughts via ancient script pictography, even when humanity was not fully evolved.

The modern-day is no further; painting is the core of how humans express their longings, dreams, fears, and sentiments. Artists' paintings have continued to diversify due to modern trends and changing tastes.

Painting You Enjoy Most

Over time, a plethora of new styles, mediums, and subjects have emerged, causing the art of painting to diversify and unwind. Today, painting is as considered as ever, with many other techniques cultivating art in wildly differing ways.

But how do you know which type of painting you enjoy most? Many of us are familiar with natural landscapes, portraits, and gothic paintings, but there's much more for artists to explore.

It is a well-known saying that creativity is an essential aspect that runs the world. And each domain needs it to some level; with art, it is imperative. 

You can hover over abstract art or painting like “The Abstract Nude by Bernard Sejourne” and My Lady Original Chalk Pastel by Dimitri Wiener (Asgard). You don't need to have a logical explanation of why you like something or not. Your unpretending preference will make itself known to you by the way you respond to the artwork. It will be genuine, spontaneous, and automatic.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is one of the western and modern art forms which cannot be related to the absolute references of the world. It means that the paintings could be more realistic. It is an illusion of the artist's creativity.
Abstract art

The invention of abstract art gave artists who rehearse other painting forms an idea to think, break the monotony and think out of the box.

"Imagination is the key to stunning art pieces, no matter how unrealistic or unnatural or far-fetched it might express." -shrananda

In the case of Abstract paintings, one needs to free their mind from naturalism to understand what the artists communicate in this modern art form. Some people have referred to abstract art as a "cluttered" painting, and yes, artists 
may tend to create bad abstracts out of their imaginations, but that must not be confused with some of the most beautiful artworks. It is not child's play to create beautiful abstract paintings. Abstract art must be understood in depth, analogous to music, and can only be enjoyed to its full worth.

For some people with no basic knowledge of art, abstract rock painting must make no sense to them. They often cannot understand the language, which this art form inhibits.
abstract rock painting

Famous abstract paintings by Haitian artist ONEL, born Lionel Paul, demonstrate how they perceive the world and depict their own experiences on the canvas. Abstract paintings can be seen as art with more freedom, as artists can create their designs without thinking of them as replicas of authentic images.

Therefore, it is also known as "non-representational" art. It brings out more passion in artists as it respects their emotions. So it won't be wrong to say that abstract art is not a form of art; it is an emotion.

Abstract painting or art is meant to declare that all art is prominent not because of what exceptional skills have been used but because of articulation and creative invention. It is here to announce that there are no limits in the art world, and there should be no limitations for artists to bind themselves to either.

“Creativity keeps metiers interesting, and if abstract painting or art is crossed out, what would be left behind? What would we have had today if specific individuals had not thought outside the box? It leads to the progress of the world in profound ways.”

The bottom line?
"You can trust your gut and intuition to help separate the wheat from the chaff."

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