Christmas Gift Ideas

5 Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas

It's the Holiday Season, so it's time to wrap up your shopping. We're here to help if you still have a few tough gift-giving people on your list. A piece of art can never disappoint. The best Christmas gifts anyone could ask for can be found in this collection of our favorite Haitian art pieces.

This list includes art pieces at different prices, so make sure you scroll down to check them all out.

1. Albott Bonhomme 16"x12" Green And Colorful Birds, Cascade, River 2022 Acrylic on Canvas

Do you have a friend who loves a little greenery in the home? This piece may be the perfect addition to their space. "Green And Colorful Birds, Mountains, & River, Cascade" is an original 16"x12" painting representing a tropical paradise with two birds and water in lush vegetation.


Get it for $375

2. Celestin Faustin (Haitian, 1948-1981) 24"x48" Haunted by Erzulie 1974 Oil on Board Painting

Any family member or friend who is an avid collector of folk art would appreciate this rare and original oil painting by Celestin Faustin, one of the greatest late Haitian master painters.

Christmas Gift Ideas
Gift it for $25,000

3. Henri-Robert Bresil 20"x24" Verdant Vegetation with Flamingos, Birds, Ibis & Cascade Oil on Canvas 

Or perhaps, gift someone special this beautiful and genuine painting of tropical gardens with birds, ibises, and flamingos in front of a cascade.

Christmas Gift Ideas
Get it for $6000 

4. Rolande Magloire 30"x40" Sunflowers 2022 Oil on Canvas Painting

Flowers die, instead get this is a beautiful original 30"x40" painting of sunflowers that will last a lot longer, created by the well-known Haitian-American artist Rolande Magloire. 

Christmas Gift Ideas
Buy it while it's on sale at $900

5. Jean Adrien Seide 12"x16" Busy Women By The Water & Fields 2022 Acrylic on Canvas

Gift this artwork - with a lovely view of busy ladies strolling by the lake and lush fields - to someone who would love a good landscape painting in their home.

Christmas Gift Ideas
Buy this at $450
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