5 Private Art Pieces to Add to Your Collection

5 Private Art Pieces to Add to Your Collection

Whether you’re a home-owner embarking on a redecorating project, or looking for alternative investment strategies, one of the best ways to do both is with original private art pieces from Haiti

Haitian artwork is influenced and created as a direct result of culture and how people have experienced this culture during their lifetime. The output is numerous unique artworks capturing Haitian life from various perspectives. One artwork may be worth more after years hanging in your living room than it is when you buy it. 

Here are 5 private art pieces to add to your collection. 

1. Lyonel Laurenceau (Haitian, b. 1942) "Woman Busts"


Private Art Pieces
This unframed 24"x20" acrylic on canvas of a nude woman, is in excellent condition, painted and signed by Lyonel Laurenceau
Laurenceau is a famous Haitian Symbolic Expressionist who studied in Haiti, in the USA, and France and created paintings inspired by the human character. 
This beautiful acrylic painting can be hung up on your bedroom wall, or attract the attention of onlookers in the living room. 

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2. Franck Louissaint (Haitian, 1949-2021) "Pensive"


Private Art Pieces


This masterpiece by Franck Louissaint is an original, framed 24"x 17.5" oil on canvas painting featuring a young girl in deep in thought.

Louissaint  is known for his street scenes and paintings of rural life. He may be categorized as a pivot painter, having made the transition from the style of painting termed naïve to the more stripped-down picture termed modern.

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3. Luckner Lazard (Haitian, 1928-1998) "Village/Houses"


Private Art Pieces

This piece is an original, framed, 14.5"x5.5" acrylic paint watercolor on paper drawing of village houses. It was painted and signed by Luckner Lazard.  

 "Against a peculiar and highly personal blue background, Lazard draws arabesque inspired by forms occurring in Haitian life," says art critic and author, Gérald Alexis in his book. 

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4. Ernst Louizor (Haitian, 1938-2011) "Noctural Seller" 


This original framed oil on canvas 24"x16" painting - signed in 1974 by the late Haitian master Ernst Louizor - is in excellent condition to add to your collection. 

Ernst Louizor imparted a very personal style to his compositions and generally painted the marketplace, seascapes, or combinations. He is considered the leading impressionist painter of Haiti, if not the whole Caribbean.

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5. Antoine Obin (Haitian, 1929-1992) "Bonne Fete a mon oncle Seneque"


Private Art Pieces


Haitian artist Antoine Obin wishes his uncle Seneque Obin a happy birthday, in this unframed 20"x16" oil on Masonite painting. 

Son of Philomé and student of his father, Antoine joined the Centre d'Art in 1946. He continued in the pictorial primitive tradition of his father, painting full-time in Cap-Haitien until he died in 1992. Many Haitian art lovers collect his art. " Influenced by the strictness of his father, Philomé Obin, 

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