What Makes Art in Haiti So Special?

What Makes Art in Haiti So Special?


When it comes to artwork, there are no two pieces that will ever be alike. An artist could set out to paint the same painting twice, but 9 times out of 10, the pieces will still turn out different. While artwork is often measured by the uniqueness between artists and art styles, it is the differences between cultures that will remain as one of the most fascinating influences on a piece — whatever medium it may be produced in.

When people think of artwork, they typically think of the romanticized cities of Europe and South America, the great influence of art from the far East, and the museums where they can see some of the best art ever produced for a small fee — seldom do they think of artwork from a small island known as Haiti.

Haiti, while being on a relatively small island, produces a wealth of artwork. From landscape paintings to Voodoo flags, and even sculptures — the Haitian people have been creating beautiful artwork for hundreds of years. 

At Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery, we have a profound appreciation for Haitian artwork. As admirers of the beautiful artwork that flows from Haiti, we are proud to provide our clients with a varied interesting collection of Haitian art that is perfect for their home or office. If you are interested in any artwork, we urge you to visit our website and browse our Haitian art gallery. But what is it that makes Haitian artwork so unique? Continue reading to learn more. 

What Makes Haitian Artwork So Unique?

Artwork is influenced and created as a direct result of culture and how people have experienced their own culture during their lifetime. In Haiti, this is no different. The true difference between Haitian artwork and artwork in some other parts of the world, however, is that Haitian art is not confined to the quiet walls of a museum or home — Haitian art can be found everywhere.

Haitian artwork can be found everywhere — including the streets. Simply walking around a city you might see more artwork than can be found in a popular museum. For this very reason, Haitian artwork is incredibly unique. 


Haitian Paintings

Painting is an extremely popular medium among Haitian artists. When looking at a painting from Haiti, you might find yourself immersed in a beautiful landscape scene or see bold and vibrant colors being used to make an imaginative design. Paintings in Haiti are often influenced by the bright colors of Caribbean life, the city streets, and the ocean that surrounds their mountainous island. At our Haitian art gallery, we are proud to offer beautiful art commissioned by talented local artists. Browse our gallery today to view some of the new works we have received. 


If there is a type of artwork medium that is incredibly unique to Haiti, it is flags. Like many other mediums, flag art is a direct representation of a cultural identity. In the 16th century, many West African people were brought to Haiti as slaves. When they arrived, they merged many beliefs between West African people and people who practiced Arawakian religious beliefs. This new religion became what we now commonly refer to in the United States as Voodoo. Influenced by their religion, they created flags representing their religious beliefs and cultural experiences. At Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery, we have curated a beautiful selection of Voodoo flags that embody what art means to the Haitian people. Check out our selection of fine Voodoo flags today


When people hear the word “crafts,” they typically think of arts and crafts as a child might experience in an American school. While that is indeed a definition of crafts, it can mean different things around the world. In Haiti, many people create crafts as a hobby — and some even do so professionally. Haitian crafts are often made using mediums like bottles with artwork, sequins, paint, clay, and other materials being adorned in a fashion that represents religion or culture. Our Haitian art gallery has a selection of Haitian crafts. See just how beautiful they are today


Traditionally speaking, most sculptures from Haiti are developed from recycled materials — but you would never know that looking at them. The most common materials used for constructing sculptures in Haiti are metal and steel. Both materials are molded and designed to represent beautiful people, places, and things that have been inspired by the local cities, beaches, and forests. Browse our Haitian sculpture selection today to see just how beautiful these pieces can be. 

Wooden Art

In Haiti, wood is a valuable resource — meaning that the artwork created using wood as a medium is both rich in monetary and aesthetic value. Wood can be used as a medium to create sculptures and can also be used as a canvas of sorts when creating a painting. Often, wooden art that has been created in Haiti can be found with incredible detail — a result of many hours of hard work.

Browse Our Haitian Art Gallery Today!

When speaking of Haitian artwork and what makes it so unique, it is hard to truly put into words how breathtaking the artwork can be. Additionally, there is a wide variety of styles and mediums that are included in the creation of art, that it is hard to pin down the “essence” of Haitian artwork — as one piece can be just as unique as the rest. Because of this, we urge you to browse our gallery of Haitian art for sale today to get a better idea for yourself just how special this artwork is. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions about our selection. 

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