Abner Dubic 20"x24" Village Oil on Canvas Hand-Painted Sides #1HL

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What a beautiful painting of a village painted by Abner Dubic to add to your decor! It is in excellent condition and the stretchers are thick and hand-painted.

About this artist

Jean Abner Dubic, known as Abner Dubic, was born in Léôgane, Haiti on November 17, 1944. He started painting in 1966 under the guidance of painter Gabriel Lévèque. Quickly finding his unique style, he specialized in vast, realistic landscapes that serve as a setting for representing country life, farm work, and festivities in Haiti. His touch is precise with a clear drawing and exuberant but subtle colors. In 1975, his art drew Andre Malraux and Jean Marie Drot's attention and was exhibited in Paris, Strasbourg, and the United States.

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