Alexa Masucci 12"x9" 2020 "Algae" Watercolor on Paper Unframed #3AM

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A beautiful original art of work painted by the Haitian talented woman watercolorist Alexa Masucci! "Algae" are fishermen from the coastal waters of Haiti turned into algae from the green-blue waters.

About this artist

A self-taught artist born on March 29, 1992, raised in Cap-Haitian, Alexa Masucci attended school in Port-au-Prince and later studied Political Science in South Africa. Alexa worked in journalism for Rolling Stone Magazine and developed an interest in visual and written content. After politics, she switched to the sciences and developed an interest in light and its properties on behavior. From this, a love for watercolors grew naturally since watercolors are “Painting with Light.” In 2019, she attended a watercolour and morphology workshop at the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts" in Paris, France. While still growing as a watercolor artist, currently studying neuroscience and contributing as a lab member of the Photobiomodulation clinic at Massachusetts General Teaching Hospital of Harvard Medical School. She currently resides in Canada.

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