Andre Pierre (1914-2005) 30"x20" Baron Samedi 1982 Oil on Canvas #13-2-96MFN

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This is an original painting signed and painted by late famous naive and voodoo painter Andre Pierre. It depicts Baron Samedi ( Loa of the dead) at the cemetery with a top hat, black tailcoat, dark glasses if to resemble a corpse dressed and prepared for burial in the Haitian style. This painting was painted specially for my father, Georges S. Nader's Collection. This stunning masterpiece belongs now to my private collection. Baron Samedi represents the death side of Ghede (Guede). He talks through his nose, is cynical, jovial, and tells broad jokes. His language is full of the unexpected. His tools are the pick, the hoe, and the spade. He is the power behind the magic that kills. He controls the souls of those who have met death as a result of magic. When he appears (mounting someone at an invoking ceremony), he wears a pair of dark glasses, from which he knocks out the right lens: for with his right eye he watches those present, lest anyone steal his food. Of especial interest is the testimony of Ghede; for when this god mounts his carriers, they are bereft of any sense of self, behave and speak compulsively, and recover knowing nothing of what they did or said.

About this artist

 Andre Pierre is considered as one of Haiti's greatest artists and as the pre-eminent painter of the Haitian loas, the worthy successor of noted Hector Hyppolite. His artworks have been published in many books on naive and religious art. He injects rhythms into his works through lines and colors. 

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