Randolph San Millan "Burdened" 12.5"hx5.5"wx3.75"d Sculpture Wood On A Wood Base

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This is an original sculpture by Haitian-American Randolph San Millan "Burdened" 12.5hx5.5wx3.75d wood on wood base. Randolph San Millan's work flows from his passion to create unique abstract designs that are thought-provoking, always, political sometimes. Emotional, sensual, and spatial energies mingle to capture the essence of a concept in startling ways. His sculpture is more than a form: it is the crystallization of an idea.

About this artist

Born and raised in Haiti, Randolph moved to New York at the age of 13. He works primarily in bronze and wood; however, he also enjoys working with other mediums. 

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