Patricia Brintle 20"x16" 2009 Korant God of Winter Acrylic on Canvas #1MFN

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BUY NOW this original and stunning painting by Haitian-American Patricia Brintle! It is a 20"x16" acrylic on canvas, entitled "Korant God of Winter," and dated 2009.

About this artist

Self-taught artist Patricia Brintle was born and raised in Haiti and immigrated to the United States in 1964. Although she has made the US her residence, her colorful style reflects her native land. Her approach to painting is varied and reflects her feelings at the moment. Brintle’s work is influenced both by personal and social experiences. Most of her portraits focus on the expression of the eyes and tell the story of the person on the canvas in one look. She favors bright, vivid, and vibrant colors and uses much symbolism in her work. Her medium is as varied as her subjects, but she prefers acrylics because of their diversity. 

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