Consulting Services

I am an independent art consultant who personalizes my services based on a client’s individual needs, including:

  • Collaborating with interior designers to ensure the buyer's vision of their space is realized through the usage of Haitian art.
  • Providing historical sale figures and estimated expectations based on an artist's career momentum if a buyer's motivation for collecting art is partly an investment strategy.
  • Spending extra time to educate new buyers about how to look at art and the cultural influences or trends found within Haitian art.
  • Consultations might include visits to the buyer's home or business to review how artworks are used in the space, and advising on lighting, care, and placement.

My personalized consultations are about working more in-depth with my clients on their specific needs and are tailored to their place in the buying cycle. Contact me to get started today. I am looking forward to enriching your Haitian art buying experience!

We are also committed to working with art advisors who abide by the APAA (Association of Professional Art Advisors) code of ethics, which values transparency and clear communication among collectors, advisers, and our gallery. Contact us