Amazing and brilliant, I love my Lyonel Laurenceau! I am so happy I found NaderHaitianArt.com!

Edward C. | from Tampa, FL


I couldn't have found better gifts than a Giclée of Sophia Lacroix, and Gerald Alexis' book "Les Peintres Haitiens" to give to my German friend. They show the richness of our culture, our history...our soul. Our Art is our pride and Joy; let's share it with the rest of the world. Thanks to Nader Haitian Art Gallery for helping me spread more knowledge about our artists.

Shella A. | Haiti/New York


Myriam, J'ai plusieurs de mes amis qui sont fans de peintures haïtiennes. Je leur ferai suivre le lien de ta galerie car c'est grâce à tes conseils que j'ai pu parfaire mes connaissances sur la peinture haïtienne.

Jean-Marie D. | FRANCE


Myriam, thank you for the appraisals; they are excellent!

Claire M. | CANADA


Dear Myriam, Thank you soooo much for the beautiful book. I have now received all three paintings. I think you have sparked a new interest in me. The paintings are extraordinary, especially the Rouanez. I'll keep combing your web site. Best regards,

Ron P. | CA, USA


Hello Myriam, I really want to Thank You for your complete appraisal report. This is a great appraisal. I am very impressed with your professional work. So happy that I found your Gallery online. It was a real pleasure working with you through this process. Take care. Kind regards,

Beverly W.| CA, USA


Hi, Myriam....Thanks so much for the quick response - amazing! PERFECT response as we have already identified a charitable organization who is willing to take on the painting as they will then work at securing monies for it, etc. They have no way assess its worth for our income tax donation purposes and we were clueless about this as well. Your response provides us I believe with the information we needed as it is only 1 Haitian painting in our possession. Thanks again - truly! Have a great day and best of luck in your work. Christine

Chritine P. | from New York, USA


When searching for an appraiser of one's artwork, the traits one hopes to find in the appraiser are knowledge and trust, and Myriam has these in spades. She is also easy to work with, open to questions, quick to respond, and, last but not least, enjoyable and charming. I recommend her highly to anyone considering an appraisal of artwork.

P. McNally | from MA, USA- 2018


Dear Myriam, I have been meaning to write you for months (!) now- to thank you for the excellent and through job you did appraising my mother’s art work. You were so knowledgeable and I can really tell you love what you do, and love the art of Haiti. The appraisal has been very helpful in making choices and decisions- still haven’t had the time to proceed with trying to sell some of the pieces, but all in due time! In the meantime- just wanted to say thank you again- It was a pleasure working with you. All the best and with warm regards,

Ruth F. | Florida, USA, October, 2018


Dear Myriam, amazing! What a professional and complete report. Please give me a couple of days and I’ll come back.

Demetre C. | Greece,2020


Thank you Myriam for the update. I will email you of course when it arrives. Your service and tenacity at finding the right painting was a lovely experience. Best,

Catherine W. |Turk & Caicos, Feb 2020


Great! Thank you Myriam.

Much appreciated the excellent customer service.

Nathalie A. | Canada, Feb 2020


Working with Myriam Nader is a blessing. There is literally no one more knowledgeable in regards to Haitian Art. I can personally testify to her courtesy and professionalism. She is also a gracious hostess... 🙂👍👍

Mark C. | Florida, March 2021

Dear Myriam,Thank you ever so much for that valuable information.I am indebted to you for your knowledge and expertise. It's hard enough to find anyone who has the depth of knowledge and love of Haitian Art as you do, and as my family has for some 60 years.

John S. | San Francisco, CA, February 2022

Many thanks Myriam- very impressed with your sense of enterprise.

Neeraj,B. | India, February 2022