Here are Five Incredible Landscape Paintings

Here are Five Incredible Landscape Paintings

Who can deny the elegance of a landscape painting? People of all ages, including small children, are drawn to the Haitian artwork by its realistic renderings and inventive retellings of the sea, mountains, streams, and farms. The art of landscape painting transcends national boundaries, drawing admirers from abroad to these sometimes surrealistic images of the island nation. Unlike other genres, these contemporary pieces are more popular and have a longer shelf life.

Landscape paintings can be symphonies of color, mood, and recreation of nature’s hues. One of the prominent examples of H.R. Bresil's Zen-like artwork is a painting of a waterfall with wading birds in a rainforest. When he visited Japan as a special guest in the early 1990s and even created a label for a Japanese wine, he was an artist in high demand by Japanese collectors.

Locations influence these famous Haitian paintings, imagined views by Haitian artists. The vistas in Haiti's highlands are breathtaking, as anybody who has driven there would attest to its beauty. From that vantage point, perhaps adjacent little islands appear as unspoiled and pristine as the Haitian painters portray them.

Landscape Paintings

These Haitian artists' landscape works are produced using various artistic mediums, from acrylic on canvas to spray paint on wood.

Every art lover should be enticed to watch Haitian landscape paintings at Myriam Nader Art Gallery, NY. Regardless of whether they're seeking a statement piece for their living room or already have a collection of landscape art. They are surely going to learn a lot about Haiti's creativity, culture, and aesthetics with us.

Here are our top five picks of landscape paintings, have a look at these beautiful pieces straight from our galleries:

landscape paintings

1. Jean Adrien Seide 12"x16" On Their Way To Work By The River 2022 Acrylic on Canvas Painting Unframed #12MFN

On Their Way To Work By The River by well-known Haitian artist Jean Adrien Seide is a lovely 12"x16" landscape painting to add to your art collection! It's an acrylic on canvas painting of people walking to the market by the river. It is sold unframed and unstretched.

Haitian artist Jean Adrien Seide
2. Henri-Robert Bresil 20"x24" Verdant Vegetation with Flamingos, Birds, Ibis & Cascade Oil on Canvas #2MFN

This lovely picture is real and legitimate, and it is signed by the late, well-known Haitian artist Henri-Robert Bresil. It shows flamingos, ibis, and birds in front of a cascade among lush flora.

Haitian artist Henri-Robert Bresil
3. Wesner Pierre-Louis 16"x20" Village Ghetto Acrylic on Canvas #1HL

Wesner Pierre Louis, a Haitian artist who was born in Port-au-Prince on January 12, 1949, created this lovely impressionist painting of a rural ghetto scene. We can truly admire the artist’s perspective through its aesthetics.

Wesner Pierre Louis
4. Jean-Louis Senatus 10"x12" Dreamy Landscape 2009 Oil on Canvas Painting #11-3-96GSN-NY

Complete your art collection now with this lovely, dreamy, 10" x 12" framed landscape on an island, signed and dated 2009 by the well-known Haitian artist Jean-Louis Senatus. Georges S. Nader owns this magnificent piece of art, which is being offered "as is." It is in good shape.

Haitian artist Jean-Louis Senatus
5. Harry Jacques (Arijak) 24"x30" Landscape by River 1970 Encaustic on Canvas #3295MFN

The well-known Haitian artist Harry Jacques, also known as ARIJAC, has signed and dated this original antique piece. ADD IT TODAY TO YOUR COLLECTION OF HAITIAN ART. Encaustic painted in the 1970s. It depicts a lovely rural view beside a river. Myriam F. Nader has this piece of art in her own collection.


Fantastic works of art by a variety of artists may be seen in our online art collection. View the varied Landscapes Scenes at Myriam Nader Art Gallery. Please keep in mind that our selections are continuously changing, so if you are interested in an item, don't wait to get in touch with us about it because it could already be sold. Our goal is to assist you in every manner we can.

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