Collection: Jungle Scenes/Animals

Myriam Nader Art Gallery is proud to present this collection of Haitian Jungle and Animal Scenes. Explore these creative pieces to catch a glimpse of the wonders of the Haitian landscape.

This is one of our virtual gallery’s largest collections, showcasing everything from exotic birds to mythical creatures. Enjoy the beauty of Haitian jungles full of luscious foliage and colorful flowers as you search for a new piece for your personal collection. This Haitian art will truly take you to Haiti as you take in their bright colors, culture, and unique artistic styles.

Please remember that our inventory changes often. If you’re interested in one of these Haitian art pieces, don’t hesitate to reach out about it, as it could be sold the next time you visit our gallery. If the price is what stops you, add it to your bag anyway. We have lay-a-way plans and different financing options to make sure you get the piece of Haitian art that you love. Browse these Jungle and Animal scenes now to find the next piece for your collection!